Home Lockout

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Home Lockout Services in Las Vegas ,Henderson, NV.

Home Lockout

What has kept America running is our small business. Every good business owner knows that time is money and if you are locked out of your place of business it is costing you both. Give us a call so we can help keep your doors open for business.

The importance of hiring a competent and efficient locksmith when dealing with your company cannot be overstated enough. We are truly the best at what we do and offer upfront pricing.

Process of work


An integral part of what we do as locksmith. Sometimes turnover in employees is mutual and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you misplace your keys and lose them. Whatever the reason the security of your place of business is paramount in securing the safety and the security of the business and employees who work there.


If you ever moved into a new place, lost your Business keys or had to fire an angry employee, you’ve probably been in a situation where you considered changing your locks and we here to help for all UR needs

2. Master Keying

Provides the security and the flexibility of limited or complete access to any doors you want. This setup is typically utilized in an office, bank, business setting or property management setting.


What Our Clients Say

House lockout service provided by these guys is a life-saver. Toddler was locked within our premises with the keys. UR Locksmith crew were very swift and came to the rescue after 10 minutes of filing the request.


Home Lockout