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Helping You Secure Your Home.

When we come out to your business or home, we remove the existing lock from the door, rekey, lubricate the door’s internal components, re-install the lock on the door, and then thoroughly test everything to ensure it is all working properly.

Residential Locksmith

We will certainly have an effective solution for your residential locksmith needs. Our locksmiths will be able to help you with all of your safe, padlock, tool box lock, showcase, key, deadbolt, and handle needs.

Home Lockout

What has kept America running is our small business. Every good business owner knows that time is money and if you are locked out of your place of business it is costing you both.
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Key Duplication

Key duplication service offers manufacturing of an exact replica to your original key. This duplicate copy of key is very crucial in solving any late-night lockout issues.
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Locks Installation

Lock installation, as the name suggests, is the service in which UR Locksmith installs the best, fool-proof locks to your industrial or office facility as well as your home sweet home.
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Locks Change

Tired of faulty locks and jittery locks execution? Let UR Locksmith replace your faulty locks and install newer, modern locks that can be controlled by your mobile device.
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Locks Repair

Faulty locks are better-off being replaced and changed. But if your lock is not deteriorated to risk degree, UR Locksmith provides excellent lock repair service.
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Event Spaces

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying service is special in its own way. Rekeying service ensures that your locks stay fool-proof by providing them with a new framework.
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What Can Locksmith Vegas 247 Do For You?

Locksmiths have a reputation for being the service to call when you get locked out of the house, but did you know we can do so much more than that? Our training is in all things lock and key, which means your local locksmith team is in a great position to help you with all manner of changes to improve your home’s security. Whether it’s installing locks properly or setting up a master key system, we can provide you with the solutions to boost security for your home.

  • ⦿ Key cutting, including key duplication for broken or worn-down keys
  • ⦿ Rekeying locks after keys are lost or moving into a new home
  • ⦿ Master key systems for homes, apartments, and other dwellings
  • ⦿ Lock installation, repair, and replacement, particularly for loose or hard-to-turn locks
  • ⦿ Break-in repair, including door repair and security hardware installation
  • ⦿ Key duplication for sundry needs, including toolboxes, boats, file cabinets, cars, trucks, and more

What Our Clients Say

Residential locksmith services provided by these guys is a life-saver. Missing keys made my anxiety go through the roof. With their rekeying services and lock installations, I now sleep peacefully.

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